Meet Nicki

global Leadership CoachI’m a London born, Shanghai based, global Leadership Coach.

What does that really mean?

It means that I help inspire determined individuals to take on the challenge of Leadership, because I believe it’s a personal choice – to be responsible for what’s happening in your world.

I do this because after nearly 20 years delivering awe-inspiring, creative content & brand experience projects for Imagination, the world’s leading brand experience agency, I realised that my enjoyment didn’t come so much from the projects, as from supporting the amazing team.  Guiding them to claim their own leadership.  Helping them gracefully navigate difficult situations, both personally and professionally.

I do this because I know what it means to transform from one state of being to another – and I would love to share that experience with you.  I have created a life that I love for myself – over and over again – as I grow and learn more about myself and what inspires me.  Rearranging pieces and places multiple times as I successfully transitioned:

  • From a Bachelors Degree in Law, to Senior Account Director at Imagination, to fully CTI trained Co-Active global Leadership Coach;
  • From single and carefree backpacker to a worldly-wise (hopefully?) partner and mother of three small children;
  • From London to New Zealand to Beijing to New York, back to London, and now to Shanghai: where I both run my own private practice and work in-house – helping individuals and teams to lead the transformation that they want to see for themselves and their businesses.

I do this because I know, from experience, that with the right support and the right tools in place, you can, without a doubt, create a life you love.