What Clients Say

Lara, Lead Creative, London

“Nicki makes everything so clear for me. She took a big-assed spaghetti junction of a decision point in my life, and turned it into bite-sized steps that not only stopped me hyperventilating long enough to get on board with, but to ACTUALLY ACHIEVE! …She made ME accountable – she took all my hopes and dreams and turned them into a plan that somehow made it feel like MY idea – then, in making me not want to let HER down, taught me how I actually didn’t want to let MYSELF down.”

Jessica, Account Manager, UAE

“When I started my coaching sessions with Nicki I felt stuck, uninspired and struggling to define myself and who I wanted to be.

Coaching has had a huge impact on my life and has enabled me to re-focus my life putting me back on track to be the person who I want to be and living my most fulfilling life.

Coaching has also given me a space where I can go where I can be 100% honest and 100% selfish. Following our sessions I feel motivated and invigorated and this is a feeling I am able to take back out into my life.”

Rachel, Women’s Leadership Coach, Seattle

“I can count on Nicki for a peaceful reception, like landing on a big pile of pillows, muffling the drama and mayhem, ahhh that’s better

Her best personal quality is issuing wisdom wrapped in kindness

Her superpower is listening. Her listening is so deep she only seems to ever need to ask one question”

Mae, Experiential Digital Producer, Sydney

“Every time I leave the meeting room after my sessions with Nicki, I take with me a lot of encouragement and I learned to always believe in myself. Nicki helped me discover my signature strengths. I will forever be grateful of having the leadership training with you. It’s been really awesome and I wish many more can share the experience…”