5 things. 100 Days

create change

It’s time to create change.


Well, it’s that time of year again.  The start of the school year has always been the ‘other’ fresh start opportunity for me – never more so than since our move to Shanghai two years ago, just in time for the kids to start the new term. And it’s something that Gretchen Rubin highlighted as a ‘thing’ in her second book about implementing changes – Happier at Home.

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I started each of these past two years with some significant changes.  Retraining in coaching in year one. Taking on (just the best ever) ten month Leadership programme in year two.

And this year will be no different.  I’m beginning again to create change.  I’m using the school year to complete my formal certification with the Coaches Training Institute. But over the summer I also got to wanting to create change on a smaller level…

I spent last year cramming so much great stuff in, that I got to the summer holidays exhausted. Spent.  Not the best way to engage and inspire three small children for nine weeks.

I had got used to feeling consistently tired and lacking in energy.  I had been burning the candle at both ends, trying to work, study & parent all at the same time – but without banking any of the good stuff (like sleep!) that helps to keep me sane.

I spent a lot of time running on coffee, wine and chocolate. And while they each provided instant ‘boosts’, I am well aware that in the long run they do me no good.

I had started exercising again – doing fun things like taking up boxing (at the awesome Aboro Academy here in Shanghai) – but my crazy schedule meant it was inconsistent.  So the huge benefits I felt (the classes gave me energy, I slept so much better) didn’t get to pay off long-term.

Plus I spent no time sensibly thinking about food to fuel my body – so I frequently opted for quick easy sandwiches or kids stolen chips, as a way to stave off the feeling of impending starvation – and then wondered why I constantly felt bloated (& added on the pounds…)

Add to that the fact that I hit 41 and still hadn’t found the will power to crack biting my nails – and I had a huge pile of ‘shame’ that finally kicked me into realising I needed to make some ‘small’ changes to create the ‘me’ I’d really like to see…

So, because I do best when held accountable, I created my own challenge. My own structure to create change… for me.

Five things. One hundred days.

It’s going to be an exercise in will power, conscious choices, considered goals and small tweaks.

I’m making myself accountable by tracking and posting daily. Acknowledging the small wins – and owning up to whatever failures I make.

It’s one day at a time.  Because I know that all goals get reached by making the next ‘best’ decision, the next single step… and then moving again.

And I’m going to see how I feel at the end of it.

My five things have been chosen to target the shifts I really want to make for me

  • Have more energy
  • Feel more rested
  • Feel more ‘alive’
  • Feel less bloated
  • Stop being ashamed of my hands

And they are:

  1. No alcohol (more rested / more energy)
  2. No bread / potatoes (less bloated / more ‘alive’)
  3. 20mins exercise every day (more energy / more alive)
  4. 10pm screen shutdown every night (more rested)
  5. Stop biting my nails (stop being ashamed)

“Small” things that I’m hoping will have a huge impact on my overall happiness.

Let’s see if they do.

I’m hoping they can remind me that it doesn’t always need to take huge shifts to create change.

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