Create change

create change
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So how does coaching create change?

Coaching does not have a formula.  Sometimes I wish it did, as it would make my job more straightforward.  But it doesn’t.  Coaching is inherently dynamic. It’s personal and unique.  And when done well… it creates a unique empowered relationship for change that can sometimes feel like ‘magic’… But there is more to it than fairy dust and a good sprinkling of luck…

So how can I make it more understandable? Less mythical?  More tangible and visibly ‘valuable’ to those who are interested but unclear about the practicalities?

I’ll try my best here.  As understanding how coaching could help to create change for you, is the best first step I can take to help spread the word about what is possible when you decide you’re ready to create a life you love.

What coaching is…

For the official ICF definition, and the detailed blurb about what coaching is (& isn’t) take a look here.

For my shorter (sweeter?) answer, read on…

Coaching is a deliberate, focused conversation designed to support the person being coached (the client) into clarifying choices and working out how to make real change.

Coaching offers a ‘recharging’ space, where the client gets to tap into a positive source of energy that is needed to get over the hurdles in their life, to create change.

It’s a safe AND courageous space, where the truth gets to be spoken (by both the coach & the client) and the client can breathe, experiment, dream & strategise without any limitations.

It’s a rare environment – and a truly supportive one.

It starts by working out where the client is. (You are here. Where is here??) And then works to design where they want to be – creating a compelling vision that pulls them along, past the barriers of lethargy and fear.

It requires commitment. On both sides of the relationship.

The client must commit to exploring, learning, taking risks, persevering even when difficult – investing time & energy to go beyond their comfort zone – to be able to truly create change.

And as the Coach, I have to commit too.

To my clients and their vision.

I have to commit to digging deep, to listening (to what is said… and what is not said), to inciting, to motivating, to challenging, to insisting.  Because I know that my client is not just here to create change.  I know that they are able to transform.

And my biggest joy comes in seeing the caterpillars turn into the beautiful butterflies they were always meant to become.

Ready to create change?

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