Create a life you love – Inspiring Stories: Jessica McClure

I have the pleasure of knowing some amazing people. People who have done extraordinary things with their ‘ordinary’ lives.  I’m very pleased to be able to say that Jessica McClure is one of them.

They have inspired me to think beyond the ‘normal’ as to what’s possible for my life – and I hope that by getting them to tell their stories here, they might just inspire a few others of you too.

Jessica McClure – Leadership & Life Design Coach

Jessica McClure

Tell us a little about yourself…

I believe that when we are living our best life, there is no need for balance.  

Sometimes we focus on some things more than other — so let go of the guilt and the “shoulds” that don’t have meaning for you.  Instead take the time to make a priority of the things you “want” to include in your life — I think too often we go on autopilot and the days just pass. 

It takes effort to make yourself and your desires a priority, but in the end it’s worth it because you can create so much more in your life when you let in the unknown.  

I try and honor that with my own life and working with clients to incorporate that in their own lives, as a Life & Leadership Coach.

How do you know Nicki?

I met Nicki on a magical island (Lopez Island) just over 18 months ago, with 8 other women, where we slept, dreamed, ate, conspired, cried and grew together, both as humans and as leaders.  

(You can read a little about Nicki’s journey to & from Lopez island here)

Tell us a little about the life that you have created – and what you most love about it?

I have created my own schedule that allows me to be with my family and also work one-on-one with people, to mirror back to them the life they want.  

I am drawn like a moth to a flame to connection, to community, to people and to conversations. This isn’t to say I don’t get nervous, don’t know what to say or love networking — it’s just that I have settled in to showing up and trusting that I will meet the people I am meant to meet or have the conversations that will have meaning for me.  

I believe that every interaction is a trading of energy — I’m supposed to learn something from you or you are supposed to learn something from me. If I come with that attitude, than an interaction is always meaningful, even when it isn’t apparent. You never know the impact or the random comment that might affect you — I still remember snippets from movies, conversations, listening to others, experiences, reading that have made a profound impact.  If I didn’t get out of my comfort zone and do things that were sometimes scary – I wouldn’t have had many of those experiences or growth for my own life.

So I guess what I love is that my life is not predictable.  I love that every interaction can change the course of my future.   

And what is predictable, is that my husband and kids can still make me laugh so hard that I have to run to the bathroom!

What are the defining moments in having created this life you love?

Oh wow, such a great question.  …It’s interesting to notice dots in my past that would have taken my trajectory in a completely different direction… no right or wrong.  Just being aware that every decision does shift the future.

My chronological dots are:  

– working in a corporate world for many years and never feeling like my puzzle piece fit in with the others;

– watching a reality show years and years ago when a person had a life coach and I remember being so intrigued;

– a random night sitting in a hotel room with 10 other women and having one of them ask me if I took a class on how to “communicate”;  

– reading Sheryl Sandbergs Lean IN book — which I hated and made me want to tell others to Lean OUT (this one was a big dot);

– “praying” before bed one night asking for a sign as to what I should do for my career and my dream of three women – one collecting mushrooms, one teaching yoga and then me “to speak” – two days after this dream writing in my journal “teach others to find their dharma” and three days later in the aisle of Costco my husband telling me he thought I would be a good life coach (I hadn’t shared the dream or the journal entry with him);

– meeting a pivotal person that encouraged me to create Lean OUT – a group of 8 women – and oddly enough, my entry into Lean In Seattle;

– a vision in meditation of 3 women and me sitting in a circle, I saw a symbol – a star with 4 points and each woman was a point – connection, spirit, movement and grounding.  And seeing how this symbol with its meaning has shaped my own growth.

– And the constant standing up for myself, against society, my family, some friends (never my husband or good friends) about getting a “real job”.

Every time I had to defend my choice,

I became stronger in my choice and stance.

Who are your key supporters along this journey – and what have they given you?

Countless supporters who have believed in me and lifted me up when I didn’t believe in myself.  

My husband — who has never questioned this path and what it entailed, specially when it financially didn’t make sense and it would have been easy for him to tell me to “go get a job”.  He gave me inspiration/belief when I doubted myself and the permission to be selfish in achieving my dreams – holding the confidence for me when I didn’t have it myself.

Inspiring coaches who are doing it – and who have had faith in me as well, to trust me with their clients.  

My clients who have made huge shifts in their lives and I get to witness them empowering themselves to go big.  

Random meetings that turned into new clients, workshops that I facilitated that helped my growth as well as the people who attended.  

Honestly, it always feels like the universe seems to support my growth, exactly with what and who I need at the time and with time my confidence in myself has grown and I’ve learned to be courageous in the face of fear.

How do you now ‘pay-it-forwards’? What support and inspiration do you provide to others to enable them to create a life they love?

I mentor in the year-up organization.  

I speak to everyone, not with the goal of “coaching” them, but to have a greater connection.  I am genuinely curious about people and about their trajectory.

By leading with my truth I hopefully inspire others to do the same.  

I write and I often hear that something I wrote was exactly what someone needed to hear — or that they read it and have an “and I think…..” which creates a bigger conversation.  

By putting myself out there – I think it shows people it’s not so scary to do it themself.

What’s your current favourite book recommendation?

OOOH, that’s tough.  I have 10 books on the side of my bed right now…  

One that has made a big impact on me and has taught me how to talk to my “inner self” is Carolyn Myss, Sacred Contracts and everything Dr. Joe Dispenza (most recently Breaking the habit of being yourself) for understanding the science behind the brain.

But the book I recommend the most, and I think every person should read (especially women) is Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pikola Estes.

What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve been given?

There are not two people in this world who are the same.  Don’t look to others for your path — inspiration yes, but follow your own path – and delete anyone from your life who makes you feel less than (social media or in real life).  

And trust. Trust in the journey and that you are meant to be happy.

What’s next for you on your journey?

Continuing coaching one-on-one.  Facilitating more womens groups – a smaller lean out and currently creating a monthly cross-generational larger group format for women to learn from each other.  

Letting the universe surprise and delight me with more opportunities, people and undertakings – while I do the “work” on my side.

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